Biz Solutions Consultants have the superior skill and experience required to make an immediate difference at your organization. Working independently or as part of a team, our experts quickly assess the business challenge, and then work efficiently to apply their expertise to tackle the issue. Industry Experience is everything in our culture.

Biz Solutions Industry Expertise:

  • Commercial, Industrial and Retail  Real Estate 

  • Fashion, Apparel, Arts, Entertainment, Events, Event Management, and Event Marketing

  • Communications, Telecom, Mobile, Wireless Devises, and Data  

  • Construction and Design

  • Restaurants, Caterers, Cafes, and Mobile Food Vendors

  • Wholesale, Retail, and E-commerce

  • Advertising, Media Buying, Brand Management, and Marketing 

  • Inventory Control, Theft and Security Analysis 

  • Mystery Shopping, Auditing, Online Presence Evaluation, Merchandising, Signage, and Promotional compliance.

  • Human Resources and Recruiting